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Secret diary of Michael Jackson reveals the King of Pop's Desire.(

Forget life as a pop megastar - what Michael Jackson really wanted was to be immortalized as a big-screen idol after his death.The late entertainer admired song and dance stars from the golden age of Hollywood, including his heroes Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, and wanted to emulate their success.The 50-year-old singer revealed his deepest desire in his secret diary,  writing: 'If I don’t concentrate (on) film, no immortalization.'

King of Pop: Megastar Michael Jackson longed to achieve immortality with a successful big-screen career, according to excerpts from his secret diary, recently released among court documents

He added that he wanted to be 'better than Kelly and Astaire… the greatest ever.'
The entry was made just months before Michael died of a drug overdose on June 25, 2009 at his home in the posh Holmby Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles, according to excepts from his diary published by The New York Post's Page Six column today.
The diary reveals just how much the star depended on his now discredited doctor, Conrad Murray, to administer the prescription drugs that helped him to sleep.

Dear diary: Michael recorded his secret dreams and desires in his diary, before his death in 2009 aged 50

'Conrad must practice now,' Jackson wrote. 'I can’t be tired after procedure to important Rim (sic) sleep.'
Michael also wrote about his plans for the future. 

The King of Pop wanted Broadway theater producers to create a play about his life so he could become the 'first multi-billionaire entertainer-actor-director.'

Big act: Michael also had big ambitions for a Broadway production based on his life

In fact, Michael was billions of dollars in debt due to U.S. tax authorities at the time.
Jackson also planned to launch a line of merchandise, including soda and cookies, according to the diary.
Lawyers for Michael's mother Katherine Jackson are now trying to get passages of the diary admitted as evidence to back up a wrongful death suit against London concert promoter AEG. 
Michael was rehearsing for an unprecedented 50 gigs planned at AEG's O2 Arena in London in the weeks before his death.

Hollywood hoofers: Michael admired song and dance stars Gene Kelly, left, and Fred Astaire, who ruled the silver screen in Hollywood's golden age of the 1940s and 50s


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